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Now Microsoft ports Windows 10, Linux to homegrown CPU design

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No doubt....

...they'll put DRM on the chips which will detect pirate copies of Windows 10. Much like they've wanted for years. Ignoring the fact such system can do and will fail at points, locking people out of a PC and software they've paid for.

A tiny bit like the DVD and Blu-ray warnings we all get before the movie. That pirating it is illegal blah blah "Would you steal a hand bag?", "Would you steal a car?". Ignoring the fact, I haven't FING stolen it, I've purchased it but now have to watch your shitty advert. Yet IF I'd actually pirated it, I wouldn't have to watch this as the pirates cut that bit out. It's a sad day when you sometimes get better service from pirates than the official studios that released it.

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