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@ Roland6

"All your points are reasons given out as to why you shouldn't vote Leave."

I am not sure you read the points. Living in fear is not a way to live. Just because the remain case was the fear of the world does not make them right, actually having to resort to such fear tactics and direct threats should raise questions.

"In you haste to mock the Remain campaign"

If it makes you feel any better I dont feel any sympathy for the official leave campaign being mocked. Both official campaigns put on a poor show.

"well you can't negotiate with the EU so why bother, just walk away. Yet now the same people want to negotiate with the EU"

If the EU wont negotiate and we choose to walk away, if the EU still wont negotiate then nothing changes in that respect (an issue some remainers and leavers need to accept particularly in government).

"whilst totally failing to see it was their own haste that got them into the current negotiating mess"

This mess is the result of desiring to remain. The negotiation is simple, the floor of the negotiation (the last resort option) is hard brexit no deal for the UK where the EU and UK are entitled to nothing from the other. I think thats a good outcome, some think it the best outcome, those who wish to remain of course think its the worst outcome. We should accept nothing less than that (i.e. a deal that chains us to the EU or keeps us in nor some 'punishment' agreement). As I said neither side is entitled to anything, no money, agreements, nothing. Of course that leaves a lot of room for both sides to negotiate to mutual benefit if both sides want to.

"they would have realised that the EU couldn't force the UK to leave and thus by Remaining in the EU the UK, would automatically have a seat at the table at the next round of negotiations"

The EU could if they want. The EU is forging its way with rules and agreements and breaking them at will. Greece nearly got thrown out when the recession exposed the weakness of the Eurozone. But even if we remained, the EU didnt want to negotiate. And the EU could not negotiate the freedom of the UK without the UK leaving the EU. So the EU could not negotiate what we want.

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