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@codejunky - QED :)

All your points are reasons given out as to why you shouldn't vote Leave. In you haste to mock the Remain campaign, you totally missed the point I was making about the strategy adopted to achieve an end. It is clear the Brexit rabble-rousers became obsessed with invoking Article 50 and as soon as possible, without any regard to negotiations - well you can't negotiate with the EU so why bother, just walk away. Yet now the same people want to negotiate with the EU and are complaining about how unfair things are, whilst totally failing to see it was their own haste that got them into the current negotiating mess...

If however, the Brexit rabble-rousers had more than one brain cell between them, they would have realised that the EU couldn't force the UK to leave and thus by Remaining in the EU the UK, would automatically have a seat at the table at the next round of negotiations and for progress to be made, the UKs concerns and interests would have had to be addressed... Hence why I've always maintained that in-order to leave it may be better to remain...

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