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@ Roland6

"Remain always was about a lot more than what the Leave campaign portrayed it as..."


>Of change! Change is scary.

>Of the Chancellor! Osborne making a clear and direct threat against the population with the punishment budget.

>Of the EU! Because they might try to punish the country in their civilised temper tantrum.

>Of the US! They might try to take advantage by selling us things! The worst being chlorinated chicken proven safe even by the European food standards.

>Of China! The Chinese might try to take advantage by selling us things.

>Of foreigners generally! Those foreigners might take advantage and sell us things. Without protectionism we might actually deal with counties poorer than ourselves and that is beneath us.

>Of economic recovery! Oh no we are doomed. We get the inflation we need to increase the base rate as is needed to prepare us for the next recession due approximately each decade yey business cycle. Brexit delivering what the BoE and gov have been trying to do since 2008.

>Of our own standards! Because apparently dictated foreign standards are better than those who are complaining about it. With so many 'educated, successful, none of that hoi polloi trash" remain voters one would assume they had a part in setting the standards they so fear.

>Of losing other peoples money! As a net contributor to the EU through tax money and then some comes back the people sucking that source of money dont want it to remain with the ones who earned it.

Many more to add?

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