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No fandango for you: EU boots UK off Galileo satellite project

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Of course the caption 'Lose access to navigation services, your financial industry, automotive industry, aviation industry and fishing industry too amongst others. Oh, and by the way you might want to say goodbye to your loved ones dying of cancer now as they won't be around much longer when the medicine runs out'

What a load of shite. We'll still have access to navigation services don't you worry.

Financial industry will be fine as nobody is interested in dealing with the 9-5 continentals who couldn't work an extra hour if they tried. Will the big banks move to Paris? Pfft! The French will strike at the drop of a hat, no chance.

Automotive industry? That'll be fine, are they going to start a trade war? You might want to take note of how many EU vehicles we import.

Aviation industry? BAe are global not local and their local work is often tied to military contracts. Any moves by Airbus to remove all contracts from UK factories might make it difficult for them to sell aircraft over someone like Boeing - they ain't the only game in town.

Fishing industry? Do me a favour, it's always been the EU countries fishing our waters.

As for the comments about cancer medicines, fuck me dead you really are desperate.

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