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Out of curiosity, can you still openly carry a Leatherman in UK? Because if that's not "going equipped" I don't know what is ...

Yup. With caveats. Leatherman may also have a problem given it's a lock knife, which means it can also fall foul of other badly worded legislation. Or future legislation given there's perception of a knife problem in parts of the UK. But there's also pragmatism, ie you can go equipped or carry a knife, if you can justify it and convince the police officer that you're not up to no good. Which may of course be harder if you've got jacks, power tools and a 44" bolt cropper down your trousers at 3am outside a warehouse that isn't yours.

Which is also why I like Bosnianbill's YouTube channel. He's a lock guru and reviews common and less common locks, including their ability to resist typical criminal's attacks and tools. Nice example here-

Showing a socket modified to over torque locks. Easy for criminals to conceal, less easy to explain to a police officer if you're caught carrying it.

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