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The first "Slippery" Jim diGriz mention I've seen on the Reg. Nice one.

You don't need to be a Stainless Steel Rat to circumvent this lock.

Perhaps oddly, Harry Harrison taught me a lot about security. Or ways it could be subverted, bypassed or generally finessed into doing Jim's bidding. Which included early examples of hacking, hardware and computer. Since then, there's been a long line of technofetishism resulting in products like this. For $100, someone could buy a far more secure lock, but it wouldn't have a fingerprint sensor. Or a blue LED. And it joins a whole slew of 'keyless' technology for people that can't manage a humble key and/or key chain. It's an interesting bit of social conditioning.

One more fail is if somebody has a look at the lock and decides to screw up the sensor just for fun.

I think it'd be slipperier to pop the back, steal the battery, screw the back on and film the reaction. Could potentially make more than $100 off YouTube views. I'm also puzzled why companies that make 'smart' locks like this miss the point of a lock. They're a deterent or a delaying mechanism and for this particular lock, it would seem easy to slap a piezo shrieker into it as a tamper alarm.

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