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The first "Slippery" Jim diGriz mention I've seen on the Reg. Nice one.

You don't need to be a Stainless Steel Rat to circumvent this lock.

The only application I can see is for a gym locker where you don't want to have a bog standard key on you, but that's just being silly. I've never had an issue with my gym locker key and I don't see a $100 lock being a great investment. I expect if I were to lose my key while at the gym, they likely have bolt cutters and I could have a staff member remove my lock and assure themselves that it was my stuff inside via my ID in my wallet or phone combo, etc.

I'd hate to have the battery inside go flat or fail. I'm pretty good about making plenty of key copies and stashing key rings here and there for backup. I have a "water brother" in town with a set of my house keys in case of emergency and I a set of his.

One more fail is if somebody has a look at the lock and decides to screw up the sensor just for fun.

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