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National Rail Enquiry Service - On replacing the Win3.1 systems for Win98, under one PC I found the remains of spilled coffee under one PC that looked like the mould had achieved sentience discovered nuclear physics & engaged in a renactment of Futuramas GodFellas* & left the remains of their MAD for me to discover generations later.

Only a full on replacement of that desk would clean that away (I did try), so I did what any self-respecting contractor would do - Put the new system back over it.

*Malachi: Fear not, my Lord. We shall be with you soon.

Bender: You're with me now! This is the maximum level of being with me!

Malachi: We will solve our own problems, as you commanded. The time has come to convert the unbelievers.

Bender: Convert them?

Malachi: To radioactive vapor!

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