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> I can't stand all these driver assistance aids, even automatic lights are pretty annoying. Cruise control is the only item that might be useful, and even that isn't always perfect. Rain sensitive wipers are never quite right. Reversing sensors are useful, but proximity sensors when driving along occasionally get things wrong and actively distract from being able to to study the road.

The roads over here are rarely quiet enough to contemplate cruise control but most cars that have cruise control can also be set to use it as a speed limiter and this I do find much more useful.

Your point about rain sensitive wipers I find interesting. The Mrs' previous car had them and they worked really well, after 150K miles we upgraded it for couple of generations newer model and the wipers are no where near as good as the previous ones. I assume that the earlier one was a first generation and the solution the engineers had found wasn't too cheap, so the bean counters sent them back to the drawing board and told them to find a cheaper way to implement the function according to the 80/20 rule.

We don't care if it's only 80% as effective so long as it only cost 20% of the working version.

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