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"If this has affected our growth during this time, which it will, then the repercussions last at least until our growth offsets the reduction in growth over those few years."

Even the pessimistic views showed continued growth. They had reduced growth than if we remained but there were pessimistic outlooks by remain.

"Ireland wants to remain a part of the EU, and the EU has rules to control it's external border."

So by that statement it is not ROI nor UK that is the problem. I dont care if you want to blame Ireland or the EU but it isnt our problem. We aint arguing for a border, we are arguing against.

"The EU doesn't want a border between the UK and the rest of the EU"

If that was even half true the EU wouldnt be insisting on a border. You counter your own claims by claiming the EU doesnt want a border because the UK doesnt want one yet some idiot is arguing for one. It aint us.

"- A main part of the campaign to leave was removing freedom of movement.

- Freedom of movement exists between NI and the rest of the UK.

- Freedom of movement exists between RoI and the rest of the EU.

- Therefore if freedom of movement exists between RoI and NI, it exists between UK and EU."

Controlling our own borders is different to freedom of movement (restricted for the 'approved' countries of the EU). Agreeing to a slightly different agreement for Ireland is pretty easy. Our negotiators have already suggested options, the EU is being stupid and your defending them.

"I was replying to individual comments, of which there are a lot."

I get that no worries. I try to consolidate into single comments (per commenter) only because some moaning gits complain I post so many comments.

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