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I think we have a winner for the Dunning–Kruger award for worst driver in the thread.

You sound like every other terrible driver I have ever had the misfortune to be a passenger with. The vast majority of drivers are, well, average - which means they drive a few 100k's of miles over a few decades without a serious accident. Whereas every accident prone driver I've ever known always seem to have the same attitude as the poster. A little bit of patience, understanding and forbearance goes a long way in making everyones life a little less dangerous on the roads.

So, O.P, how many miles and how many countries have you driven over the decades? And were they accident free? Me, a good 350K plus miles in 4 counties. Including LA freeways when they used to be completely madmax , central Paris on a Friday afternoon and some of the sketchier parts of Italy. Driving in the UK is a doddle compared with some places in the world. Which is reflected by its accident rate per miles driven.

The simple fact is most human car drivers are actually very very good considering the complexity and variability of the task whereas autonomous driving software is actually very very bad at dealing with anything other than perfect driving conditions. Which dont happen very often.

Roll on the criminal product liability class action lawsuits.

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