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@Codejunky re: "We do not need to apply the importing countries standards to our own country"

To some extent I agree with you that there has been some overstatement of the upcoming problems which are more to do with divergence and specifically two types of divergence:

1. Between product standards for UK customers and for Single Market customers.

2. Administration and logistics associated with imports/exports

Of the two, I'm more concerned about the added complexity of administration and logistics, because potentially UK exports to the Single Market will no longer go through the "Members Only" channel, likewise UK exports to the RoW will no longer go through the "Imports from the EU Single Market" channel...

Others will be concerned about product divergence, for example I can see T.May demanding security backdoors, whereas the Single Market demanding the absence of backdoors, likewise our exports to the RoW will (potentially) no longer be able to simply apply the standards agreed for products from the Single Market but will use the standards agreed individually with each country...

The devil is definitely going to be in the detail, which will in turn depend on just what gets agreed and with "Brexit meaning Brexit" we will probably only know whats been agreed at the last minute...

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