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“Britain, on its own, has little influence on the world stage. I think we are all agreed on that. But Europe IF it were well run and had good cohesive, well thought-out policies, would be a tremendous force for good”.

That is one humongous 'IF' !!!

There is NO track record of this in the past or the present ..... so we are depending on a sudden and inconceivable change of mind for the future of not just one but dozens of Politicians that have taken years to agree anything (read: lets ignore the requirement for 'good cohesive, well thought-out' to allow this sentence to work.).

In short, will never happen without a major global event to change the minds of the many many countries that cannot agree anything unless the 'real benefits' are watered down to avoid any perceived gain by their rivals.

The big problem with the 'US of A' vs 'US of Europe', even if we ignore the above, is there is no concept of Europe that pulls the 'US of Europe' together while the 'US of A' is one country with one identity with a population that has been programmed over generations to think of the US of A as one entity that they as a whole support with their very fibre.

Conviction is a very powerful thing and the US of A thinks and knows it should be No. 1, it drives everything that is done and the EU will always be at a disadvantage.

That is the final nail in the coffin for the US of Europe Idea ......... a very big nail that some of the countries in the EU would be driving into the coffin themselves because of History and basic political reality.

So how does the UK change that and influence the hearts and minds of countries that have no reason to listen to us and in actuality are positively anti-UK, again because of history.

Which is the bigger fiction 'Brexit' or the UK changing the EU from within to create a Bigger, Better and Fairer 'US of Europe' !!!???

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