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What's going on? amanfromMars1 made sense to me!

That is because it take a 'man from mars' to understand the absolute mess we are in and make sense of the Political Parties and their stances, while we head towards the 'BrickWall' called Brexit, at speed.

The Tories are only concerned about the 'Party' and the Country comes somewhere near the bottom of the list of priorities. Meanwhile infighting in the Labour Party is the norm as there is obviously no reason to change the standard focus on trying to get to the top of the Greasy pole as the country has plenty of time before something important has to be done ....... if I could just remember what that was it would be such a help !!!

The two major parties are so focused on themselves that the country can 'spin & burn' while the EU laughs at the chaos and gets to take free potshots without being noticed by any party.

I am begining to think that the chaos is deliberate to ensure the result is such utter chaos that the people are forced to protest in the streets to force a 'new' focus on fixing the mess. This would make dropping Brexit much much easier and the subsequent protests would be lost in the other Shouting and Screaming taking place.

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