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Not sure it is a great fit for either

For Petco, which is retail which lives an dies with execution (logistics costs, inventory, etc) you just hired a Marketing guy who I think has a limited experience with operational details. The Board better insist that Ron goes out and hires a very strong Ops guy ASAP (not having a person with any Ops experience is almost what did in HP 15 years ago. Carly was a marketing self-promoter who never even bothered to hire a COO while Dell had 2 in addition to a CEO who was an Ops guy at heart, and the results were bloated costs and inefficiencies while she was running around looking for photo-ops.).

For Ron, you just joined what looks like another "Category Killer Megastore" which are getting slaughtered by Online and Mega-retailers like WM. Is Petco going to be the next "Sports Authority" or "Toys R Us?". As a guy who owns 4 dogs, I can tell you the only time I go into a Petco is to get my dogs nails trimmed occasionally? Dog Food?...Costco. Dog treats or medicine sort of stuff?...Amazon. I think mega-pet stores are on the "headed for extinction" list at this point. And how exciting is it going to be to get in front of a crowd and not talk about the lastest tech, but rather pretend how excited you are to start carrying the latest Kong chew toys?

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