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GALILEO - Here we go ....

So 1 bn Euro down the swanny and nothing to show, sounds like a standard project.

Despite the fact that UK based companies and institutions own a lot of the IP in the constelation and developed much of the hardware, and according to Airbus (Its Surrey Satellite Technology subsidiary makes the payload for the current generation of Galileo satellites and ground services are managed by Airbus in Portsmouth,) being essential to the project.

Despite its posturing the UK military alongside France are still the most effective in europe, and the shock troops for NATO operations. the idea behind Galileo was to make the European military not dependant on GPS or GLONASS or soon to be unvield Chinese alternative, Allowing the US/Russia/China to go off and prioritise their system outside the North atlantic theatre and have little to no effect on the Europeans.

having paid approximatley 10% of the cost and done about 15% on the project, we have probably actually achieved some benefit from it.

I am not going to add to the brexit debate, FMPOV nothing has changed since the referendum, there were four courses of action, 49% voted for one and 51% voted for one of the other four, and were sold on the least damaging "Norway Option" so where this obsession with Hard Brexit, that has been proven detrimental to the UK, has come from I dont know.

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