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>MP's should NOT vote with their personal opinions. They are elected to represent their constituencies opinions, not their own. If an MP's constituency voted to leave, then it is the MP's duty to represent that. If they decide to vote the way the feel (instead of the way the vote went), then they are not representing their voters are they?

Sorry, but that is absolute bollocks. The job of an MP is to represent their constituency and vote in the best way for their constituents. Sure, they have to take account of the opinions of their constituents (and this is done at election time), but they are well paid to study the facts and take the appropriate decision when it comes to any vote. If your MP votes in a way you don't like, vote them out at the next election.

As an example, should the Remain supporting, Labour MP for Alyn and Deeside, an area with ~55% Leave voters, support Brexit in Parliament in the knowledge that it might well lead to the closure of the Airbus factory in Broughton with the loss of ~6,000 jobs in his constituency, of should he vote against it knowing that his constituents want it?

If he supports Brexit, and his constituency is economically devastated he will be kicked at the next election for supporting it. If he votes against Brexit, then he might be kicked out at the next election for going against the will of the people.

(Apply the same to Sunderland, City of London, Maidenhead and Windsor, etc, etc).

Hobson's choice?

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