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An unfettered free market just leads to disaster. And many aspects of modern society just won't work in a purely capitalistic world. Just look at the joke of a healthcare "system" in the USA.

And I could never understand the idiotic view of slashing taxes and social programs. Are you going to start paving your own roadways and act as your own fire department, police force etc. Someone has to pay for all that, it won't just magically happen. And cutting social programs just leads to more poverty, that isn't good for anyone. Poor people don't help grow the economy much, and any money you saved would be made up by the increases in crime and additional expenditures on policing and the rest of the judicial system.

P.S. We're currently looking to expand our company into Europe, The UK isn't even up for consideration, largely because of Brexit, and nothing you've proposed would change that. Even if Brexit were canceled I'd wait a few years before considering the UK just to make sure things are stable. We'll most likely pick France or Germany.

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