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i.e. correcting your minor steering errors and stopping you from straying over. That's the point, not to defer concentration.

If I have to concentrate just as hard when the car's in autopilot, there's not really much point, is there? There's little or no physical effort in driving a mid range to premium car, the only point in automation is to enable the driver to relax. Look at cruise control - nice to have, convenient if used appropriately, but makes little difference to the mental exertion of a competent and attentive driver.

In fact, if the driver has to SUPERVISE the autopilot there's more effort, since they need to evaluate what's going on with the road and traffic, establish expectations for what the car is doing versus what they believe it should be doing, and preparing to dive and snatch control if those last two start to deviate. Which means that Tesla's much vaunted autopilot is permanently like a teenager on a fourth driving lesson - it knows the basics, but hasn't the skill or experience to be trusted, and the car's meatsack driver has to be permanently alert to the need to intervene. On a car costing around £75-150k that's deeply unimpressive, since I could be paid to have the same wearing and sometimes near death experience by buying a £12k Citroen C3 and setting up Ledswinger's School of Bad Driving.

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