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In an aircraft, the autopilot will not avoid flocks of birds, for example, the human pilot can, provided he sees them soon enough to react.

True to an extent for light aircraft that are slow and agile, with big windscreens and fewer distractions, but as you imply less so for fast or large aircraft where there isn't the time to react between sighting birds and hitting them. Indeed, United 1549 was on autopilot when it hit the birds that brought it down, and the pilots only saw the birds at the last minute (as you'd expect at around 200 mph).

But that's an interesting comparison - how good is any AV at interpreting sudden "threats" and the potential actions? Can it tell the difference between a large unpredictable and (from the drivers point of view) expendable bird, a dog, or a small child, and act accordingly? Can it balance the risks of swerving to avoid an object it may not be able to accurately identify?

The second point is from your link, and that 1549 and some of the recent AV crashes show, the initial incident is over by the time the meat sacks are ready to respond. And in the case of AF447, then meatsacks never got their act together in four and half minutes.

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