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"I'm sorry, but every single Leave voter I know is ignorant of economics, geography, and British political history. Not stupid but ignorant."

Ok, that's your opinion.

But before the EU and the EEC (the UK joined the EEC in 1973, NOT the EU), the UK survived for over 1000 years. That's more than a millennium, trading with countries all over the globe. Why can't that level of trade be achieved again? Or does the last 45 years overrule all other history, to the point where the sky will fall and seas will boil when the UK formally leaves?

As for economics, I (personally) have a distaste for pointless waste - something that the EU is particularly good at. An excellent example of this is the EU having to move itself from Brussels to Strasbourg (and back) once a month at a cost of (somewhere between) £90 and £300 million per year. Nobody actually knows the true costs.

Geography. The UK is leaving the EU - NOT Europe. For the UK to leave Europe, there would have to be some serious changes to the European tectonic plate combined with some (worryingly rapid) continental drift. The UK will still trade with the EU - even if it is under WTO instead of a "special" trade agreement. Look at the German auto industry, which is already under pressure due to Trump's new import tariffs. They won't (and don't) want to lose the UK market.

The areas of the country that voted to leave had just as many Labour voters as Tory - see here:

Tony Blair twice promised a vote on leaving the EU. It was part of the Labour manifesto. Gordon Brown just ignored it. At least Camron did actually do what he promised.

MP's should NOT vote with their personal opinions. They are elected to represent their constituencies opinions, not their own. If an MP's constituency voted to leave, then it is the MP's duty to represent that. If they decide to vote the way the feel (instead of the way the vote went), then they are not representing their voters are they?

As the UK has voted to leave the EU, arguments for and against "Brexit" are mute - we just have to get on with it.

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