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people asked me what Schmexit meant.

Schmexit means Schmexit. I thought everybody knew that.

But rather than demonstrating against the Tories, why didn't you demonstrate against the clueless twats of the Labour party who have kept the Conservatives in government through a string of utterly dislikeable and incompetent leaders, all with weird, incoherent policies that have made the Labour party unelectable even against the dislikeable, colourless, cloth-eared, lightweights of the Conservatives?

My sympathies are somewhere towards the right wing of the Conservative party, but I'd welcome a good, strong, electable Labour party, simply because as things stand nobody's happy, and still nobody would be happy if that bearded communist idiot were PM. The same situation applied in 2005, when a Labour party that had run out of steam and ideas was re-elected with a dead duck MP, simply because the Tories were led by the unelectable Michael Howard, a shadow cabinet largely composed of talent free nobodies, and no clear ideas or agenda. Considering the past two decades, the political mess we're in can actually be attributed more readily to the failure of opposition parties to up their game than to lacklustre governments who ideally wouldn't even be in post if the opposition were competent.

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