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> So when when voting for BREXIT which part of the EXIT the voters didn't get?

All of it, in some cases, judging by TV interviews on the street the day after the referendum. Yes, people voted against David Cameron (in case you've forgotten, he was the toff who lived at 10 Downing St before Mayhem). But many of them didn't know what they were voting for, or thought it didn't matter because (a) it was only advisory and (b) they thought Remain would win anyway.

Big mistake, of course, but as events have shown even that female toff who said "Brexit means Brexit" didn't know, and still doesn't know, what "Brexit" really means. Well, it means things like being kicked out of Galileo, installing a hard border in Ireland, leaving Euratom with no way to buy spare parts for nuclear power stations, hundreds of lorries parked up on the M2 and M20, Scottish UDI, Irish reunification, collapse of international trade and so on. Enjoy!

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