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Tesla undecimates its workforce but Elon insists everything's absolutely fine

Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

just rent an ICE/Hybrid for the once or twice a year you go away.

That works while ICE vehicles are still in a majority, but who's going to maintain a refuelling network for them if they are only used occasionally? How do you manage the economics of a fleet of ICE cars that lie idle for months, but everyone wants to rent one at Thanksgiving?

The tipping point in the US is further away because they pay nothing for petrol

Hardly nothing compared to, say, Venezuela, but that's even more true for EVs. Their "fuel" is cheap because it isn't taxed like petrol/diesel, but no government will abandon that revenue. If EVs take over from ICE vehicles you can be sure that they'll be taxed just as heavily, with no more subsidies.

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