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I doubt that. Maybe 1 in 1000. EVs are like nuclear fusion, "only 30 years away" and always will be. Renewable liquid fuels that can be delivered via the current infrastructure are much more practical.

Nonsense. We're already past that.

In 2016 EVs accounted for 1.2-1.5% of new vehicle registrations. In the last three quarters that's risen to 2.5-2.9% and is accelerating.

EV's account for ~0.5% of the UK fleet, so we're already at 5/1000. That includes plug-in hybrids mind you, but when you break out the numbers, the Tesla S/X, Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe account for >20% of EV sales, so they're past your nominal 1/1000 mark.

Just by way of anecdotal example, there's a Zoe on our street, a Leaf in the office car park and there were two Teslas and a Leaf at our old business park. When you add up the population of our street, and the tenants of our old office unit and new office unit, you come to a bit under 1000 people - more or less exactly as the numbers suggest.

And this is out in the provinces - not the Home Counties or M25.

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