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Tesla undecimates its workforce but Elon insists everything's absolutely fine

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"In order to compete with gas/diesel powered cars in the US market, they need to have a range of around 350-400 mile and recharge to 95% in less than 15 minutes, they also to be able recharge at 95% of the refueling stations, in every city and in every state and not just a designated recharge locations"

"It doesn’t take ‘hours to supercharge a Tesla’ . The time to gain a functional charge is counted in *minutes* . You can go from 20% to over 80% charge in under 30 minutes . Over 90% in between 30-45 minutes "

You're both right, just talking about different requirements. How many people, in reality, use their car for long 400-mile trips to random locations that are 'in the middle of nowhere' enough to not have an electric socket available. Maybe 5-10% of road users? The other 90-95% are covered by Raj's description of what the Tesla delivers. Of course 45 minutes for 90% charge is still a lot compared to 5 minutes for filling a tank, but most people on long journeys stop for lunch at some point, so again it's a case of electric cars catering for maybe 80-90% of the population, while the rest stick to hydrocarbons.

Long-term, given breakthroughs being made in using (possibly renewable) power to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and use it to create hydrocarbon fuels, I expect that ICE cars will still be a large percentage of vehicles. But electric still gives advantages of zero-emission at the tailpipe, quietness and better overall efficiency so I expect them to gradually take over as technology matures and becomes cheaper and infrastructure gets better.

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