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"Nuclear power ticks both boxes."

An asterisk needed for both 'sustainable' and 'clean', but for all practical purposes it's sustainable enough to have supply measured in thousands of years rather than decades. As to 'clean', it depends what you're measuring. Neither of the 2 is directly producing CO2 (just indirectly in manufacture / commissioning / maintenance of plant). Renewables don't generate nuclear waste but typically require large infrastructure footprint. Newer nuclear plant designs can burn previously used nuclear fuels and have very little waste, but that still has to be contained somewhere. In my view, burying them in an unused mineshaft and sealing them in is as good as getting rid of them forever, but others seem to take a different view.

The other 'strike' against nuclear tends to be cost, but actually this is partly because there are various subsidies for oil / coal / renewables and none that I know of for nuclear, and because other plants are not required to have the same safety.

I'm all for nuclear, yet I am aware that to succeed it needs to operate on the same level playing field as other generation types

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