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What a strange study

I firmly believe that social media is directly to blame for the 23 school shootings and others.

People wanting their "15 minutes" at any costs.

A world where "likes, shares, followers and upvotes" feed the ever increasing need for Dopamine "hits" designed by unscrupulous advertising billionaires and a huge team of doctors, scientists and psychologists to keep them wanting more.

When I was in high school almost every truck had a gun rack in the back window and school shootings were unheard of.

Now when you see CCTV videos of crime taking place there are several people standing around filming with their phones hoping to be the first to post a "viral" video before anyone thinks to aide the victim(s).

Now the latest trend is to stream murders and or abuse on "Facebook Live".

Preteen children commiting suicide due to cyber bullying and then hanging themselves while live streaming.

Users afraid of having compromising photos of themselves exposed online are asked to submit their nude photos to Zuckerburg first so that his AI might intercept them before being posted.

(Yes, this is a thing!)

Unfortunately the elephant in the room has grown much too large to be handled and just like the corrupt banksters of 2008 they are too big to jail.

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