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And I had them play games over it by using offshore support staff to call at odd hours with a 'status update'. At the time I was single and I suffer from sleep shift disorder, I usually answered the call which shocked them. ;-)

Oh brother, I know your pain.

Of course the worst time to do any sort of upgrade or routine maintenance is around the 4th of July weekend. Was doing an upgrade of an SP2 instance which went south fast. Ran in to a series of defects and it was Sev 1. Too bad, the support team for the most part was on vacation so we were shunted to people who didn't know jack and we had to roll back to the previous version. It was a Sev 1 and we ran out of weekend to get things straightened out.

And yeah, when the SHTF, you escalate. and call back and escalate...

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