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The screen-mouse will fail

Sorry, microsoft, but your touchscreen trackpad system has no chance. Apple actually had a chance with their touchbar--sure, nobody wanted it, but they could ensure that all the macs available would have it, that all the apple software would make it useful (sort of, but at least it would do something), and that people who were doing development and wanted or needed a new mac would have it available. You can't do that. The little touchscreen is going to cost money to make, so nobody buying their machines on a budget will have one. It has no business case, so people buying laptops for employees won't use one. The pad is now a selling point for the machines it's shoved into, and there really isn't enough use case for people to buy it. If you really want to see it succeed, start forcibly attaching it to all the models you can, especially the surface. Then, you can actually say that [some large number] of these pads have been sold. However, don't assume that their sale means anyone's using them, because they're not.

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