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"One of the big reasons no other animal has developed a technological civilization is that we beat them to it and have thoroughly occupied that niche, leaving no room for any others. As you said, "ask the Neanderthals.""

Homo sapiens are a very recent arrival on the scene - chimps were around for about 2 million years before we showed up. If they were going to evolve any further they would have done so. Ditto all the other animals.

"Your argument seems to boil down to "we're the only really intelligent species on the planet therefore intelligence is unlikely," but it's a flawed argument for many reasons."

I don't think so - it took evolution 3.5 billion years to come up with us and it was never a given - it was down to a unique set of circumstances that we still down fully understand. There is zero reason to assume it was inevitable either here (if circumstances had been slightly different) or on any other planet. Evolution evolves the fittest, not the smartest. If the 2 coincide very occasionally then so be it,, but its not an inevitable outcome.

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