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Re: "Everyone from the BBC through to Primark are responsible for this culture."

Well, I'll be damned. A minister with a reasonable opinion! I tend to agree that parents are responsible for the social upbringing of their child and the safeguarding of the same, but I also agree that certain areas of our culture do not make it easy.

My pet hate is music. By which I mean a large slice of the RnB/MTV culture of music. The lyrics and dance are massively inappropriate and I am appalled everytime I see young children being told to "wind their bodies", "Shake that phat booty", or singing lyrics that are basically sexual (or, when they aren't they're about how important money is, how bad ass you are, or about guns and gang violence). This shite is everywhere they go - try listening to the messages and stories some of those songs espouse.

Perhaps worse still, I was at my childrens school open day last week and the teachers themselves led a "action song" for kids as young as six that had lyrics that went: "Pizza hut, Pizza hut, Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut, McDonalds, McDonalds...." repeated over and over, with the actions being recreations of the logos! I mean, WTF are you teaching these kids?!

I dared to ask the teachers too and was met with blank looks and laughter.

the normalization of marketing and the measure of self being money. That's what our media teaches despite our best efforts as parents.

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