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... Not sure maybe the UK has a nice balance.

Don't be so sure !!!

The US of A standards are being used in the UK & the EU even though there are very strong Employment laws.

There is always a way to work around them if you try hard enough and everyone (on the employers side) works together !!!

Just get a minion or two to verify that the person was not as good as they thought and then they can simply be sacked due to not meeting standards for the job or whatever.

(Even if they have had 5 Star reviews there is always a way to define that their skill are now redundant for the new direction the company is going in etc etc)

Change the structure of the dept and find that you need less people :) ..... qelle surprise the job(s) that is/are redundant include the person you want to fire.

Many many other ways are available !!!

At best you can fire someone without any comeback, at worse they may sue and file for unfair dismissal BUT you have 'evidence' to backup your actions as above.

In a nutshell, watch your back and do not depend on Employment law to protect you 100% ..... it does not !!!

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