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PETA calls for fish friendly Swedish street signage

Chris 125

There's a big computer in PETA's office (you know, a proper sci-fi one from the 1970s with flashing lights and bleep boop noises) that constantly monitors social networks. When their name isn't being mentioned as much it immediately generates some random mad idea from an algorithm and fires it out all over the place hoping for some free publicity.

Recently this included trying to get the new Dr Who to be vegan (presumably eating some nasty soya based "fish" fingers with vegan custard) and campaigning for Warhammer figures (you know, small plastic representations of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS) to stop wearing fictional animal furs for fictional warmth and instead wrap themselves up in a nice shell suit or something.

They're an absolute joke. I don't mind paying a bit more / going out of my way for increased animal welfare but for crying out loud, they're just clown shoes.

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