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So much that - 'Factual' programme, scheduled for an hour with, in my instance, 3 mid-programme breaks totalling approximately 15 minutes. So, 45 minute programme.

But the first 5 minutes is titles and previous programme recap plus basic synopsis of this episode, and the last 5 minutes is the teaser for the next episode. and another 5 minutes or so is spread across the show in reminders of what they told you about 5 minutes ago, before they cut to a different section, so there are places for other networks with different ad regulations to insert even more adverts. Total 'content' time for the scheduled hour long programme, approximately 20 minutes. It's certainly a lot of the reason why I almost never watch programmes at broadcast any more. Hmm, I might have to try and re-cut one of the episodes into a single sequence of content with no self-referencing repeats, just to see how little content there actually is.

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