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Wheres the trust?

...And who's to say that the 'News', you are forced to pay for... (TV Licence, Newspaers, Non-Licenced TV etc..), is SOOOO much better than that "Prooganda BS" you claim to spot on Facebook, from time to time. Let us not forget how the MSM got woke over President Trumps victory over that wicked witch Hillery. After being assured of her compleat landslide victory. That thankfully slid itself into the next landfill.

Surely news is what you make it. And content creators should be rewarded for their work. But, I think your just grasping for straws at this point. when the so-called Facebook BS News blurbs are more often enough as accurate, (ONLY MORE SO!) then say what the MSM would care to have you believe. Well you just have to back the Horse you want to win. and, Pal. That's not the BBC, Sky, or CNN, all of whom would just assume see Tommy Robinson, or Count Dankula firmly behind bars, and forgotten about. But, this is what happens when you don't have a Constitution guaranteeing both the freedom of the Press, and the freedom of Speach, and expression.

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