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I looked at the comments to see

Old man talking, gather round, gather round...

The left-channel vocal track of Gabriel reciting supermarket prices - and even the names (O Wavy Line where art thou? Merged with Fine Fare?) on the reciprocal track of Dancing Out with the Moonlit Knight, "Aisle of Plenty", send me into a weirdly physical spasm of early 70s nostalgia> I was a child in the Essex countryside (yes there still was some then, and very nice it was too for a 6 year old before paedophiles and terrorists were invented) -- I remember being taken round pre-supermarket general grocery stores and independents. The brightly-lit, plastic-fascia'd supermarket chains with the dayglo price flashes and special offers painted on the windows were really exciting. PLUS you got a big cardboard box to play in when you got home!

English ribs of beef cut down to 47p lb

Peek Frean's family assorted from 17 1/2 to 12p

Fairy liquid giant - slashed from 20p to 17 1/2p

Table jellies at 4p each

Anchor butter down to 11p for a 1/2 lb

Birds eye dairy cream sponge on offer this week.

Yes children ha'pennies were a thing, as were Green Shield stamps and vinyl car seats too hot to sit on. I know where my country lies - 1973.

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