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Back at the turn of the century, Google beat out Yahoo, AltaVista, and all of the search engines. Why? Because all of those search engines had shitty ad experiences just link now, while Google had "sponsored links" which were just text and clearly labeled.

Besides that there are 2 things about ads today that really get my goat:

1. Shitty sites like which have paywalls *and* shitty ads to their actual paying customers.

2. Security - The current ad model is literally *designed* in XSS, with a little RCE thrown in. All of those third party domains run whatever they want with no accountability whatsoever. An attacker injecting a BeEF hook into any one of those and do all sorts of nasty stuff to your computer

If websites want to show me adds, just have sponsored links and host them themselves. Oh, and don't make them shitty. Those "sponsored links" that Google has? Often, they are something I am interested in.

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