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"If you can't see us coming"

"If you can’t see us coming, you won’t be able to stop us, so with its stealth and other world-beating technologies the F35 Lightning takes the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy to a whole a new level of capability."

Of course RADAR return oversampling (DSP signal processing) has rendered RADAR stealth completely irrelevant - the tiniest return can be tracked accurately - we knew this ten years ago - the game was already up and still billions of good money has been thrown after bad. The new game is passively tracking infrared "noise", I suspect a plane shaped like Kryten's head will disturb the air more than something actually designed to fly efficiently and will end up with a larger (nose on) heat-signature as a result. Crickey, even without modern technology, in the Gulf (part 1) the Royal Navy were asked to stop tracking the F117As because the constant wailing of their RADAR alarms were making the pilots in their lumbering subsonic aircraft nervous - a quick tweak of a screwdriver on the old relatively long-wave Type 42's RADARs was all it took - oh look - "stealth" bombers...

Now we have relatively slow and difficult to service aircraft which can't turn climb or carry much payload for an "advantage" that doesn't exist. Given that we can't actually afford many of them because they are so hideously expensive - in a real war scenario you'd be forced to carry external weapons loads for operational reasons - making them even slower with even less endurance and a RADAR signature the size of Wembley stadium - Doh!

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