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We live in the days of instant communication. Every major aircraft program has their issues, but you notice its only become something so out there and known since the internet came to widescale use. I blame the internet as one of the main reasons the F-22 was canceled so early. Panicky politicians listening to idiots with no understanding of aerial warfare or tactics and making decisions based on that. I worked on F-16s and there have been at least 9 different versions of them each either adding capabilities or fixing issues such as engine power etc, but when most people see an F-16 they assume it came out nearly perfect... It didn't it killed a few pilots with its issues and there were calls to cancel it, now its one of the most widely built fighters ever because it was good, damn good at a lot of things. The F-35 over time I believe will equal or surpass that, sure its tough in early versions as things are still being worked out, but we have to our stupid politicans cant be given a chance to cancel something so revolutionary. Also to the F-35s credit it has yet to have a full on crash or kill a pilot, something so far unheard of in new aircraft development.

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