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"PETA like a lot of the hardline charities always seems to let the loopiest members dictate their direction and thus the undermine any valid point they might have."

I'll take that farther. ANY organization will eventually be taken over by the radicals and crazies, no matter how sensible start with. They are willing to devote their life to it, tend to be aggressive and confrontational, and their ideology justifies any action taken. Meanwhile the Normal People leaders who joined to advance a good cause give up and quit. The radicals are like squirrels. Not too bright, but they never, ever, EVER give up and sooner or later they simply wear you down.

And then an organization intended to prevent animal cruelty becomes a running joke, demanding bans on antibiotics (SAVE THE BIOTICS) and property rights for amoebas. That's a little exaggerated today, but just wait.

Activist organizations should have a time limit. Ten years and disband, before the crazies take over.

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