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You brought this on yourselves

The thing is, we didn't install adblock until you started fucking us by tracking our every move and plastering every pixel of our screens with garbage while sucking up our bandwidth and causing our ears to bleed with your autoplay videos.

In response to your actions, we installed ad blockers. And now we have a vastly improved experience much closer to the one we had 25 years ago before there was advertising on the internet. Note, however, that we didn't install ad blockers 24 years ago, that didn't happen until you abused our trust. We did this in response to your actions.

And the thing is, now our Internet experience is much, much better. Now, we're used to zero ads. So in order to get us to tolerate any level of advertising at all you're going to have to work very hard. Frankly, I don't know if it's possible - I don't miss ads at all and I can't see any way you could incentivise me to endure them again. One thing I cal tell you is that being forceful about it is NOT the answer - If you're going to put your stuff behind a paywall, No problem, I'll just look at someone else's stuff (assuming I can't get past the laughable security on your paywall in 30 seconds). There's no shortage of content, and despite your predictions of impending doom there never will be.

Perhaps a better option for you is to start a patreon or similar and concentrate on not being obnoxious and intrusive and instead deliver content of high enough quality that people want to pay for it voluntarily. There are already plenty of creators doing quite well for themselves with this method. I'm sure there are other ways, too.

Or maybe you'll just die out. There's a term for that: Natural selection. And you know what? If that happens, whatever replaces you in your niche will probably be more fit to survive.

But your tales of woe and boo-hooing are not going to change anything, they fall on deaf ears. You fired the first salvo in an arms race you were never going to win because you are hopelessly outclassed. We did this in response to your actions.

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