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" I do need to know what my outgoings are - and having "free" internet does help."

Any budget is easier to manage if the outgoings are fixed. It doesn't matter if some weeks you would be better off with some form of PAYG. As long as the overall amount is affordable then it avoids nasty surprises.

In the days of internet dial-up any downloads had to be considered carefully. Not only could large ones take a long time - but often they aborted after a long period - and you had to start again.

Google Maps are going to a PAYG system for even light usage sites. I use about six map loads a week unless I am developing enhancements - then it might go to about 30. Google now want my credit card to cover each map load. They promise a "free" threshold of $200. No way am I going to have my credit card held hostage.

They could have a PayPal annual subscription of some small amount with a built-in cap which I would choose whether to renew - no automatic renewals.

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