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Make a start yourself, El Reg

I would have far less of an issue with stats gathering if El Reg would switch to Matomo (formerly Piwik) so THEY get the stats (anonymised) and no 3rd party outfit that could sell their mother if there was a buck/quid in it. In addition, it respects Do Not Track out of the box.

Ditto for ads. Do I mind ads? Yes, because they have gone from an image or animation of something something I could possible interested in to full blocks of uncontrolled code that has way too much control over my browser and insight of what I look at on a site to be permitted to run on my computer - and ad providers have to date made very little effort to clean up their act.

The advertising world really created their own problem, and greed generally gets followed by karma. Or, in this case, ad blockers..

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