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Hell, it would make a whole series of interesting articles: How The Reg went IPv6, the problems we hit, and why haven't you done it yet?

Excellent idea. Seeing a series of articles documenting it would be nice. It would be very good to see the transition as well as the excuses.

This can be as easy as setting up a box that has a IPv6 to IPv4 gateway along with both IPs and then a AAAA record and you will have it. Getting that working, though can be challenging if your admins are not familiar with it. Most operating systems have access to IPv6 built in already.

It took me about 30 minutes to enable IPv6 using a tunnel years back (using straight addresses on each server), but learning it took much longer. Where I had the most learning was seeing how it worked with different MTUs as well as routing and multiple tunnels. The ISP side could probably be the hardest part.

BTW, If you are using an updated OS (something within the last six years), you probably already have the IPv4 addresses which are mapped in the IPv6 address format in the logs. (This format could look like ::

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