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BlackBerry Key2: Clickier, nippier, but how many people still want a QWERTY?

Bad Beaver

I'm glad they changed the pricing

The overcooked price really put me off last time around, I'm glad they fixed that.

Wait… what? Even more? Seesh!

I'm the type of person that constantly needs to type stuff a predictive / swipe keyboard simply cannot guess right, so QWERTZ (these do come localized to other languages, right?) is very much appreciated – but not €550+ appreciated.

I'm sure it will sell well to folks who do not have to pay for it with their own money though.

Otherwise, what's not to like? It looks neat, it has a big battery, headphone jack, NFC, they even bothered to make a real leather flipcase for it. At this price, the latter should be included for free but of course if will be extra.

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