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** cough ** china ** cough **

Territorial disputes over subsea mineral and oil rights in the Pacific and Indian oceans where we will have to support our regional allies and protect shipping routes

Have you seen Bahrain? It's not like we built that to give our folks in uniform a nice suntan. Aggressive state and non-state actors in an unstable region that's shortly, in a geo-political sense, going to lose substantial income as oil demand plummets whilst ideological and religious tensions continue to escalate

Plus, as you say, a resurgent Russia looking to re-establish itself as a super power and a force to be reckoned with on the world stage; annexing yet another country would drag us into either direct or proxied conflict - although direct conflict is admittedly unlikely as that's only going to end one way

All of these require projected air superiority beyond our land mass bases

"Attacking us" is a WW2 concept

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