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does GVFS (or, ahem, MVFS) even WORK under non-Micro-shaft-OS's ???

THIS thread suggests very little has been done:

maybe fusefs or similar might be a possible solution, but I'm not aware of anything significant being done here, and couldn't find easily with a quicky online search. (gvfs-fuse-daemon is apparently for gnome's VFS of the same name, not for the Github one).

I fear that this will become like EXCHANGE with it's own "Microsoft windows API" for windows, and potentially broken things for IMAP and POP and basically "everyone else". I remember actually seeing something like this happen where many API-related things were just 'not available' if you used Linux or FreeBSD and had a regular IMAP e-mail client like Thunderbird - people would try to send me files, they'd show up as a link I couldn't access, things like that. "But if you use Outlook for your e-mail". No. Just no.

Nice way to ALIENATE over half of the people on GitHub! We won't do our dev work on Win-10-nic no matter *HOW* or *HOW* *MUCH* you beg (read: coerce)!!!

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