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Re: "but how many people still want a QWERTY?"

I backed the Gemini so it cost me ~£300 which was a bargain, they are still available from the Indigogo backer site for $599 (~£450) which is a fair price. The full UK retail is £600 which I think is too much for the device. So if you want one act quickly.

The Mk1 has a few drawbacks, the USB is weird, 2 C sockets but they are of limited function, the forward facing camera is absolute pants, just adequate for video chat or grabbing QRs but that's about it, no idea how good or bad the optional rear camera is. Due to the magnets holding the case shut they've disabled the compass which is a bit of a bugger. Other than those caveats it's a great toy - excellent keyboard, absurdly high resolution screen (but aren't they all), fast processor and a big (& heavy) battery.

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